txGradebook: Set-Up Categories & Assignments

ADMINISTER CATEGORIES – In the Settings menu

  • Choose Class in drop down
  • Click and drag all preset categories
  • Click color palate to change color for category
  • Enter number of grades you want to drop in each category, if any
  • Enter PIN and Save
  • Click “Copy Categories to other class sections”
  • Click classes and semesters that need the categories
  • Enter PIN and Save
  • Click “Back to Categories” to repeat for classes with different categories, if needed



Adding Assignments

  • Choose the marking period (cycle) and class in drop down
  • Click “Add New Assignment”
  • Type the assignment name (50 characters, but will change column width in gradebook)
  • Choose category
  • Optional – enter assigned date and/or due date
  • Enter PIN and Save

Total Points – should remain 100 unless you are doubling this assignment (then enter 200)

Extra Credit – adds the grade you enter as points on the sum for the category –CAREFUL!!

Notes – Enter notes about the assignment and check if you want note in parent portal

Copying Assignments to other Classes

  • Click “Copy Assignments to another course section/cycle”
  • Select the assignments to copy
  • Select the courses and/or cycle that need the assignment- if you copy to a future marking period (cycle), then the dates on the assignment are left blank
  • Enter PIN and Save


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