txGradebook: Create a Gradebook Account

Open Gradebook/Attendance

  • Access txGradebook using one of the following methods.
  • Login
    • Click “New User” on right  (at the beginning of every year)
      • Staff ID is your Employee ID number.  You can find your employee ID number at the top left corner of your payroll and earnings statement.  When inputting your employee ID number make sure to include the three "000" preceding your ID number.
      • Username
      • Password (must have 3 special qualities – upper, lower, special character, number)
      • Pin
    • Write down answers to security questions (case sensitive)
    • CCAISD will not have your password


  • Update Profile:
    • Information for parent portal – school phone, email address
    • Combine courses for attendance
    • Student order – if you keep paper gradebook and add new to bottom
  • Course Notes
  • Seating Charts


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