txGradebook: Entering Attendance & Grades

POST ATTENDANCE - In the Attendance menu

Instructions will be given out by your attendance office as to when attendance will begin.

Entering Attendance

  • Click the word “attendance”
  • Make sure you are on the correct date (it will default to the current day)
  • Choose the class period
  • Students will be listed
  • Click the “A” circle if absent
  • Click the “T” circle if tardy
  • Enter PIN and click POST attendance
  • If you need a ROSTER for a sub – click the Print button before Posting


ASSIGNMENT GRADES – In the Grades menu

Entering  Grades

  • Choose class and cycle, the “Retrieve Data”
  • Choose if you want to narrow which assignments are shown by: category, name, or due date
  • Choose number of assignment you want displayed on the page, arrows will move along columns
  • Enter grades for students.  Enter or Shift/Enter moves down or up.  Tab or Shift/Tab moves right or left.
  • Mass Enter – type grade in cell on bottom and click “Fill.” To undo, clear grade and click “Fill.”
  • Override codes:  M (missing) averages a 0.    I (incomplete) averages no grade, but you can not submit
  • Comments – select indicator and/or type note; select if you want note in parent portal
    • Exclude - grade cell is left blank and it will not count against average
    • Redo - mark for documentation purposes only
    • Late - mark for documentation purposes only
    • Print Comment - makes comment visible in parent portal
  • Enter PIN and Save


Transfer Grades

  • Click the T by the student’s name
  • Average for current class automatic if student came from EXACT same class
  • Enter weight you want it to carry towards your average
  • Click OK


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