txGradebook: Submitting Grades & Printing Reports

SUBMITTING GRADES – Choose “Cycle Grades” in the Grades menu

  • Choose class and click retrieve data
  • Average will be listed, you can enter an override grade if necessary, enter PIN and Save if changes are made
  • Citizenship grades – E,S, N, U
  • Comments:
    • Progress Report Comments – enter in the “IPR Comments” window
    • Report Card Comments – enter in the “Cycle Grades” window using the codes.  Code Legend is on the right side of the screen
  • Submitting Grades:
    • Progress Reports – do NOTHING just make sure students have average in cycle
    • Report Cards – click “Mark Grades Ready to Post.” They will show “ready” in the drop down window.  
  • Semester Exams:
    • A semester exam column will be visible in the third marking period. Enter exam grades before submitting averages.


REPORTS - In the Reports menu and Post Attendance screen

  • Student Roster for Sub - in the window where you submit attendance, click “Print” on upper right.
  • Assignment Grades – this is your “Gradebook Print.”
  • UIL – No Pass/ No Play check – this only works for students assigned to classes such as “football.”  An OFFICIAL failing list will be printed every 3/6 weeks for sponsors to check.
  • Class Roster – this is the “Blank Data Entry”  - a roster with empty grid
  • Attendance Verification – use for attendance office and EXEMPTION absences


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